Specialised Cleaning

Areas Covered:


  • Nurses Station.

  • Operating Theaters.

  • Recotion Areas.

  • Store Areas.

  • Theatre and Ancillary Areas.

  • Toilets.

  • Wards and Bedrooms.

  • Doctors Surgeries

  • Dentist Surgeries

  • Infection and Vermin Control


The maintenance of hygienic cleaning standards and the well-being of patients are of paramount importance. Equipment and cleaning items fr use in various parts of the hospital and surgery, wherever possible, will be colour coded. Use in other than designated areas will not be permitted.


Mops will be changeable and laundered as required. All equipment will be cleaned and returned to store or an allocated area on completion each day of cleaning tasks.


The use of cleaning machines in occupied wards will not be permitted whenever patients are likely to be disturbed or distressed by the noise.


Disposal of "sharps", soiled dressings etc. will be carried out in a safe, approval manner and is not carried out by cleaning staff. "Sharps" waste containers are coloured yellow and lettered accordingly, hazadous waste sacks are yellow plastic.


All rooms will be aired and ventilated whilst cleaning is in progress.


Strict confidentiality is essential; never discuss patients ailments or staff.


The cleaning programme will produce and maintain:

  1. Hygiene cleaning standards

  2. Non-slip floor surfaces.

  3. Pleasing appearance.

  4. Cause no damage.




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